Secure Dog Excercise Fields and Agility area for private Hire in Astley Greater Manchester
Private fields for dog walking

Terms and Conditions

Booking Information

Bookings are managed by our website booking app under the tab make a booking


Payment is by PayPal, or BACS transfer under the make a booking tab on our website.

When making block bookings, the full payment is required at the time of making the booking.


Parking is available at Fido’s Fields

Use of our exercise fields and parking are at your own risk and Fido’s Fields¬† accept no responsibility for any loss/damages.

Cancellation Policy

Please ensure you arrive on time as bookings cannot be extended if you arrive late.

If you need to cancel or amend a booking, please let us know as soon as possible so that the slot can be made available for others.

* Cancellations made with at least 24 hours notice will not be charged.

* Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice may still be charged.

Maintenance and Safety

As part of our maintenance regime, we inspect Fidos’ Fields and equipment once a week so please notify a member of our team if you have any concerns, or wish to bring anything to our attention.

It is the owners responsibility to inspect the field/equipment prior to use, in order to ensure if is suitable for their dogs.

When using Fido’s Fields, you will need to provide your own poo bags and clean up after your dog(s). Currently, used bags must be removed from the field and disposed of in the bins provided at each gate.

We provide metal water bowls on each field for you to bring along your own water.

When using agility equipment, it is the responsibilty of the owner to ensure the equipment is suitable for their dog(s), paying particualr attention to your dog(s) height and age limitations and is not designed for children to play on.

For the comfort of other dogs and their owners, dogs must be on a leash when entering and leaving Fido’s Fields. Dogs are only allowed off leash within the allocated field.

Owners must discourage their dog(s) from digging on Fido’s Fields. Any holes must be filled in by the owner prior to leaving the field.

Code of Ethics

Positive training methods must be observed at all times and Fido’s Fields do not allow:

  • The use of choke chains, prong collars and electronic devices
  • Physical and/or verbal harsh handling of dogs