Secure Dog Excercise Fields and Agility area for private Hire in Astley Greater Manchester
Private fields for dog walking

Secure Dog Field

Do you want to allow your dog the freedom to run and play without worrying about him running off?

Would you like to spend time with your dogs without worrying about other dogs bothering you?

Would you like to train your dog in a safe environment which is ideal for recall training etc?

For these, and many other reasons, our secure dog fields are the perfect place for you to execrcise and/or train your dogs. We have 3 secure dog fields for hire, where you can exercise your dogs, as well as our separate dog agility area.

Each field is fully enclosed by 2metre (6ft) fencing to ensure a safe and secure area for you to exercise your dog(s). Our fields are suitable for all sizes of dogs – from tiny, to giant breeds.

All our secure dog fields will allow your dogs plenty of space to run free and exercise.