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Our first snow!

Fresh snow fall… A lovely view

Today was doubly exciting for us because, not only did Fido’s Fields have their first snow fall overnight, but we also made our way onto the large field.

We’re setting up 3 areas in total (2 secure exercise areas and an agility area, all on the same site). Although we’ve been working on the first field and the agility field, we hadn’t done any work on the other field. In fact, before today, we’ve only been on this other field once!

Today, we had to remove part of the existing fencing to create the pathway through to the other field. It was a great feeling and spectacular view to see the fresh snow.

IMG_9312 sm
Carrying the fence panels was hard work but at least the exercise kept us warm!

Once we’d got our pathway, we worked through the snow, to start fencing putting the fencing in place. It was extra hard work because the fencing, tools and everything else we needed had to be carried a long way through the snow, to the bottom of the field. Typically, we’d get to the bottom of the field and realise we’d forgot something and then we’d have to trudge all the way back to get whatever it was we needed. At least the extra exercise kept us warm!

We’re not quite ready to open yet, but we’re starting to see things coming together now. At last, we feel like we’re making progress and will keep you posted with news on our opening day.