Secure Dog Excercise Fields and Agility area for private Hire in Astley Greater Manchester
Private fields for dog walking


Here’s a list of the questions we’re asked most frequently at Fido’s Fields, with their answers. If you would like further information, or have questions which are still unanswered, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Question Do you have toilets?

Answer The nearest toilet would be at the Old Boat House Pub as we do not have toilets at the fields.

Question Are the fields accessible for disabled people?

Answer We do not have disabled access due the the grass/wood chip walkways to the fields.

Question How long do we get?

Answer 50 minutes per session starting from the time slot you book, the next booking will enter the field either on the hour or on half past the hour depending on which field you book. If you arrive late you must leave on time unfortunately.

Question I only have 1 Dog and your website states 1-3 Dogs so will there be other Dogs on the field at the same time as me?

Answer If you only have 1 Dog then you would choose the 1-3 Dog payment option and there will not be any other Dogs on the field during the 50 minutes that you have booked.

Question How muddy are the fields in Winter?

Answer During the wet Winter months the walkways and Fields can get very Muddy so you will need to take this into consideration with regards to what type of footwear you put on, for example, Wellies in Winter and also your Dog will get muddy, so your car will get muddy. We do not have facilities for you to wash yourselves or your Dogs.