Secure Dog Excercise Fields and Agility Training Field for Hire in Astley Greater Manchester
Private fields for dog walking


Here at Fidos Fields, we love dogs and look forward to meeting you and your four-legged friends!

We offer the following facilities which you can hire to help you enjoy the time you spend together:

      • Secure dog exercise and training fields – We have 3 field areas and each field is enclosed with secure 6ft fencing,suitable for very small to giant breeds.
      • Dog agility training field – Whether you’re looking for somewhere to practise between agility classes, improve for an upcoming competition, enjoy some fun exercise with your dog, or train regularly, we have excellent agility equipment in our agility field, so is ideal for all stages of training and practise.

We are often asked what types of dogs and their owners enjoy our facilities, so here are just a few examples of when Fido’s Fields can help you and your pooch:

    • You’re in need of a safe and secure place to exercise and allow your dog to play and run free, off-leash
    • You need a safe and secure place to train and/or practise recall training, as well as many other types of dog training, without interruption.
    • Your four-legged friend doesn’t have a reliable recall and becomes selectively deaf when they spot something on the horizon that looks like it might be fun. (Strange how they never miss the sound of the cookie jar at home though, isn’t it?!)
    • You’ve recently added a new puppy, rescue dog, or a new four-legged friend to your family and you’re not sure how they will react to other dogs/people, so you want somewhere to exercise without worrying what might happen
    • You have a reactive dog and want a safe area to exercise, with peace of mind that you won’t be bothered by other dogs – No more trying to keep your dog calm and under control while someone else’s dog bounds over to greet you and your pooch, with the owner’s unhelpful reassurance that, ‘It’s OK… He/she is friendly and just wants to play!’
    • You’re a dog-sitter, dog walker, dog trainer and looking for a secure field where you can exercise and/or train without distraction or interruption
    • You want somewhere you can meet with other dogs and their owners so they can play and have fun together in a safe environment. Fido’s Fields are ideal for puppy socialisation, fans of a particular breed to meet up with the owners and their dogs, or a chance for litter-mates to catch up and play together.